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Туры выходного дня

Astana EXPO 5 Days
Magical trip to future 1st Day ·Arrivalat Astana. ·Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel, check-in. ·Sightseeing tour around Astana, including visit of the National museum. ·Visiting symbol of Astana Baiterek. ·Transfer to hotel. Sightseeing tour and national...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Baikonur Spaceport (3 days)
Baikonur Spaceport is one of those gorgeous places in the world that can be marked by the human's history civilization as unique. And you have an extremely great opportunity to attend the launch of the spacecraft from the first space harbor of our Planet... Route: Baikonur (Kyzylorda Region,...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Blessed Land of Zhetisu (6 days)
Zhetisu is one of the incomparable parts of the Kazakh land, "golden cradle" of the Kazakhs. Glorified by its beauty, Zhetisu is a surprising place, where during just one day it is possible to see all the landscapes existing on the Planet… Route: Almaty, Almaty region (Kazakhstan) Season:...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Cycling Holidays (6 days)
Cycling tour of average complexity for those cycling lovers, who wishes to merge with nature, enjoy the clean air, and explore new interesting places, natural beauty, historical and cultural attractions of Almaty region... Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan) Season: May - September DAY BY...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Exploring Central Kazakhstan (7 days)
We invite you to make a voyage from the highest in Central Kazakhstan Kyzylarai mountains and unique in its beauty Bektau-Ata pluton to the bottom of the ancient meteorite crater Shunak and Balkhash Lake, so large that it can be seen on any globe... Route: Karaganda Region (Kazakhstan) Season:
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Exploring South Kazakhstan (8 days)
In this itinerary you have a chance to visit the biggest city of Kazakhstan - Almaty and one of the oldest cities on the Great Silk Road - Turkestan, which is located in Southern Kazakhstan and in terms of importance to Muslims is called the second Mecca... Route: Almaty - Shymkent...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Golden Ring of Zhetisu (6 days)
An exceptional opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the natural attractions of Almaty region! In this route: Aktau and Katutau mountains, Singing Dune and Charyn Canyon, Kolsai lakes and unique in its beauty Kaindy lake... Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan) Season: January - December DAY BY...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Highlights of Kazakhstan (7 days)
The memorable journey to the center of Eurasia with its fascinating traditions, beautiful, pristine nature and delicate mixture of old and modern! This is the most comprehensive tour for those traveling to Kazakhstan for the first time... Route: Almaty - Astana (Kazakhstan) Season: March -...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Jungar Alatau 9 days
Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan) Season: May - October Best Period: June, September DAY BY DAY ITINERARY ZHONGGAR-ALATAU STATE NATIONAL NATURAL PARK Day 1. Almaty - Taldykorgan - Taubulak Departure from Almaty at 07:00. Arrival to Taldykorgan at 10:00. Visit to local history museum...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan (11 days)
On this tour you will visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan cities, which were part of the Great Silk Road chain, that linked the East and the West and became the cause of birth of many unique towns, historic monuments, customs and even states. Route: Kazakhstan(Almaty - Taraz - Shymkent - Shaulder...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Legacy of the USSR (6 days)
A unique journey to the places of the Soviet legacy on the Kazakh land! During this tour you will visit the notorious labor camps of the Stalin era "Karlag" and "Alzhir", the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site and the sights of the Civil War period... Route: Astana - Kurchatov - Karkaralinsk -...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Magic trip to future
1st Day ·Arrivalat Astana. ·Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel, check-in. ·Sightseeing tour around Astana, including visit of the National museum ·Visiting symbol of Astana Baiterek. ·Transfer to hotel Sightseeing tour and national museum Invite you to sightseeing...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Photo Tour: Altyn Emel Park (9 days)
Photo tour to Altyn Emel State Natural Park for bright and fantastic shots of unique natural attractions, such as the Singing Dune, Katutau mountains of volcanic origin, and Aktau chalky mountains - the world famous paleontological deposit. Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan) Season:...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Photo Tour: Balkhash Lake (8 days)
Photo expedition along the southern shore of Balkhash lake, to Sary Esik - Atyrau desert, where ten centuries ago the life has been seething and urban civilization has been flourishing, that was based on large-scale irrigation of the plains by water of ancient channels Route: Almaty Region...
Группа: Туры выходного дня
Photo Tour: Bektau-Ata (7 days)
Photo tour along the shore of Balkhash lake to the extraordinary variety of thorny gorges and bizarre rock formations of the mountain range Bektau-Ata - unborn volcano, which has melted the rocks, but has never exploded. Route: Karaganda Region (Kazakhstan) Season: January -...
Группа: Туры выходного дня


Туры выходного дня от компании BAI GROUP KZ, ТОО Алматы (Казахстан). Предлагаем услуги - Туры выходного дня качественно, недорого. Звоните!